Adventuring in…Tampa, Florida!


Travelling is something I love to do. Whether it be domestically, internationally, or even in your own backyard, the opportunity to explore different locales/customs/cultures, is something I never want to miss out on!

Just recently, Alex, Annabelle and I took a trip to Tampa, FL to visit family for a three-day mini vacation. Although, we have been to the area before, we were determined to visit some familiar faves, as well as explore some unknown territory.

On our first full day, we spent the morning, and the better part of the afternoon by the pool. After working 40+ hours per week in corporate, I can’t tell you how much I relished this sort of relaxation!


Later, we ventured off to Beach Bar and Restaurant off Causeway Bay for some dinner. Fun fact – this restaurant once went by the name of Hogan’s Beach, named after Tampa’s/Clearwater’s most famous resident, Hulk Hogan! Unfortunately, he and the restaurant are no longer affiliated; however, that did not deter us from giving in to our nostalgic demands. Most impressive though, is that this restaurant has THE most amazing views, especially when the sun is setting! I definitely want to come back, and take advantage of the jet ski rentals available further along the Bay!


Outfit Details (Francesca, Left): Dress (Asos – size 6 – on sale!), Cardigan (Loft/Lou and Grey40% off), Sandals (Nordstrom), Purse (3.1 Philip Lim, Nordstrom), Necklace (Old – Similar), Sunglasses (UO)

Outfit Details (Annabelle, Right): Dress (Old – Similar here), Sneakers (Old – Similar styles here), Sunglasses (Old – Similar), Lipstick (Stila – Beso)


Look at that Sunset!

The next day, we hit up The Florida Aquarium. I’ll be honest, the main draw for me here, was that they offered the ability to personally interact (play & pet) with the penguins (one of my most favorite animals)! I LOVED this bit. In addition to that though, the aquarium itself, was also very impressive. We spent a good portion of our day here, just engrossed with everything it had to offer.penguins_aquarium



No trip to Florida is complete, without an excursion to Disney World. On our third and final day, we set out bright and early on the 1.5 hour trip to Orlando. We spent most of our time, meeting characters (Mary Poppins!), going on the rides, and shopping for merch. As we visit Magic Kingdom quite frequently, we have been lucky enough to discover activities and events that are incredibly unique, and very off the beaten path. So keep an eye out for some Disney-related travel posts in the near future!




Minnie Mouse Ears (Limited Edition – purchased at WDW, but available on Amazon here), Francesca’s silk blouse (Nordstrom), Annabelle’s Avengers T-Shirt (Old – Similar here and here)


If you are interested in a travel guide to all things Disney, please comment below! Also, if you have been to/live in Florida, what do you recommend we check out on our next trip down south?

xx francesca


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  126. Well Mark, the only public comment I have seen about the Federal version described them as “a world of pain at the time, but you know that it’s good for you politically in the long run.” Doesn’t sound like they took what the community had to say seriously, they just knew that giving the appearance of listening was good political strategy. If constituency work and negotiation with peak community bodies does not already give politicians a very good idea of areas of concern and need amongst the community then they are not paying close enough attention.

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  132. I will keep you in my thoughts Bridget! Good luck with mother nature… she is not a good thing to have to plan your month around. I completely get what it is like to be financially strapped around this time. (Especially with 5 family Christmas celebrations and 2 kids with birthdays!)P.S. You may whine over here anytime! I could use the “whining company!”

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